I could have posted every single picture of Tiff and Brights wedding! There were smiles and sparkles and twinkles everywhere! And a fair amount of pink too, which I like!

Tiff’s dress was really lovely to work on, not only did me and Tiff and her mum have a good old natter at each visit, but the dress was created from Tiff’s mums dress, which was exciting for us all, I think!

Tiff’s mum was married in the 80’s, which meant that there was a lot of lace to play with, as well as a veil with a deep lace border too! The dress was completely transformed from the original (see it here).
The original dress was very voluminous, but Tiff’s brief was a sleeker dress with a boho feel, so rather than try to alter the dress, I chopped all the lace off to use it as fabric instead.
The lace was quite delicate in design, so we chose a deeper Ivory silk to underlay the lace to that the design was complimented and enhanced.

The neckline was cut in a wide scoop to flatter Tiff’s bust, and then we added a little subtly frilled bra-lette from the scalloped veil lace which peeked above the neckline.
The scalloped lace also created a cute pair of capped sleeves.
The back was open and low, we had at one point considered a sheer layer of lace to overlay, but Tiff’s skin is so beautiful, it seemed silly to cover-up for the sake of utililising the lace available. Instead, Tiff found a layered chain back necklace which sat perfectly with the dress.
The skirt made a subtle fishtail shape, which was exaggerated by using the scalloped lace from the veil edging as a decoration, creating a cute peplum and entending into a flattering V-shape over the bottom, and a cross over at the front which scooped under the bottom showing off Tiff’s figure.

Tiff had a last minute idea to add some gold to the dress, which puzzled me at first, but then I remembered a gold metallic piece of lace which I appliqued to trickle down each hip, and star burst a little onto the bodice.
I also made some silk flowers for the front of the waist ribbon, made from hand-cut petals of pink chiffon and georgette which had been embossed with gold foil. Each petal is hand-shaped and stitched to form a flower. The middles of each flower were beaded with gold hoops, coral beads and crystals.

It was so nice to see Tiff and Bright’s wedding pictures by Rebecca Douglas, so much loveliness in every picture! If you like these pictures, you should definitely check out the whole wedding over on Rebecca’s Blog here! A little mention for Sama at Utterly Wow who helped to orchestrate the day! The wedding featured an amazing bake-off (with the sauciest of entries that made my day when I saw it! - though the faint-hearted should take caution!!), there is evidence of a dance-off, and the evening Ghanaian outfits are wonderful to see too!!!

As a designer, I have so many sides to my aesthetic, I love vintage, i love modern, I love pretty and edgy.
Ella let me capture a new look, I think, with her dress design though still in keeping with my signature pretty and delicate details.

Designing for Ella was impossibly easy, after a meeting talking over her ideas and inspirations, I made one quick sketch and we were agreed! Magical little personal details appeared along the way too, which is always my favourite thing to happen!

Ella wanted subtle volume that was sleek and modern, but not heaviness or mass. I made for her a dress with a voluminous crepe skirt with a train, but that was lifted in volume by a petticoat with minimal ruffles so that it did its job, but was easy to handle and not cumbersome. The petticoat was also easy to remove if more freedom was wanted for dancing in the evening!
The bodice was to have a Chanel/Dior couture corset feel to it with a cupped-style bust, but not to be too overt. We used Silk Shantung for the bodice which has a similar crepe texture to the skirt so that it didn’t look entirely separate from the skirt of the dress, but also reflects the light so beautifully which is why I wanted to use this fabric.
The neckline was softened with a delicately frilled Chantilly lace with an eyelash scalloped edge, which over-lapped the edge of the bodice. This was over-laid with a matte silver motif and embroidered with vintage crystals and Swarovski pearls. As Ella’s maiden name sounds very similar to ‘Bee’s’, I searched for a cute honey bee brooch, which proved very difficult, and instead I came across some sweet little pale gold bee earrings which I fashioned into beads and attached one amongst the embroidery at the bust, nestling on a flower.

The silver embroidery was mirrored at the waist and set upon a deep grosgrain ribbon.
Another of my favourite details (they’re all favourites!), was the dipped lace peplum, which is really pretty and delicate, but gives a modern twist to the dress.

I made a silk chiffon veil and hair accessories for Ella too, and used some silver lace motifs to decorate the comb. I made twists of pearls to be placed in Ella’s hair in a wreath design, and I used the second bee earring/bead to decorate one of the pearl clusters. I really liked the idea that the pearls were like little honey drops for the bees, (or maybe that’s just me!?)

During our meetings Ella always expressed her excitement at having booked Tom Arber to photograph her wedding as he’d done such a grand job at her friends wedding the previous year! I’m also thrilled to share these images that Tom has taken of Ella and James!
Toms website is here

When Gina initially spoke to me about her inspirations for her wedding dress she was talking about Thirties and Forties era styling with a Seventies Boho twist, and I think we nailed it!
Having a curvy hourglass figure, the Forties era isn’t naturally suited to Gina’s figure, but having a bespoke dress made, we can do almost anything!!

A triangular lace contrast panel down the front of the bodice gives a Forties Vamp feel, and chiffon bell sleeves time-travel between the Forties and Seventies.
The back of the bodice is low, but we built in a lace panel to that Gina could wear the brassiere she was most comfortable in.
The colour for Gina’s dress took a few weeks to decide. Gina wanted a vintage tone, and with pale skin and dark hair we were looking a warmer tones. There were quite a few silk that were a good colour match and I think we both always had a favourite - except it was called Biege! It looked perfect with a Sable coloured chiffon laid over the top, a rich, pale creamy champagne!
The curved waistband (which is so flattering on every figure!), is embroidered with two lace designs, mainly daisies and leaves and subtly dotted with tiny glass vintage seed beads.
The skirt skims over the hips and flares gently into a softly dramatic shape, a smoother drop at the front, and a little more shape in the back.
The hem has lace embroidered growing organically in tentrils of daisies and leaves, which finishes off the seventies vibe.

Gina and John Married at Godwick Great Barn in Norfolk (where you get a tractor ride! Fun huh!?), and their beautiful photographs we taken by Rob Ward

Jessamin is a beautiful and whimsical girl, and for her marriage to Joe, she needed a dress which perfectly reflected her bohemian nature.
As a dancer, Jess wanted to be free to move and express on her wedding day so the materials used had to be very soft, light and flowing, and the cut unrestrictive.
I love to make lace look as though it was specially designed for the dress and for the bride, and so we chose two laces, a Chantily and a French Lace. The fine Chantily lace made the base of the dress, and from the french lace, I cut all of the flowers and paisleys and embroidered them ‘growing’ from the bodice, around the neckline, and trailing onto the hips and skirts.
The under-bodice is shaped to look like a delicate silk camisole, so that the fitted, long-sleeved over-bodice is sheer on the skin and the design and embroidery of the lace is emphasised. The sleeves are buttoned at the wrists with sparkly Swarovski beads.
The bodice is backless, except for a shoulder panel which makes a diamond shape creating a striking effect of Jess’ figure. Vines of lace and floral tendrils were embroidered to the edges of the cut-out to soften the shape and drape like Wisteria.
Jess’s Mum came to many of her fittings, such a lovely and inspiring woman, we decided to embroider some ribbon roses to the dress specially as a tribute to her.

The beautiful photo’s of Jessamin and Joe were taken by Photographer Matt Le Galle

Kate’s wedding dress design is one that just popped up from almost nowhere … after looking at quite a few inspirations, mostly lace numbers, we found them to be a little old looking, (if I’m allowed to say that!?)! We decided to make a more defined version of the lacey/beaded vintage style dresses that Kate had her eye on. The silhouette of the dress was fitted to Kate’s figure and had a soft and floaty fishtailed effect. A flattering almost sweetheart neckline, and low scooped back and floaty chiffon sleeves which fluttered on the shoulders and created a gentle wing that followed the back neckline.
We strayed from traditional colours, and instead chose a platinum silk and dyed the lace to tone in.
The Lace was embroidered more densely at the sides of the body to enhance Kate’s figure, and then gently toward the centre, the tendrils of the lace spiraled, and the lace design mimicked  in fine silver beads and iridescent sequins so that further roses and floral tendrils softly emerged. A sprinkling of beads and tiny crystals were embroidered over the dress to give it the subtlest shimmer.
A special request from Kate was that she could have a blue motif at the waistband. I originally wanted to find a vintage brooch, but I couldn’t find anything special enough. It took a little while to finally crack the code and come up with a design I was happy with, but eventually I saw my inspiration in a section of the lace border, and was able to layer up shades of blue and grey swarovski crystals perfectly.

Kate and Tad chose Laura Babb of Babb Photo to capture their wedding day, which was a special first for me, having known and collaborated with her for a few years now!
My special friend Sabrina was also tasked with Kate’s Hair and Make-up look, which was perfect!

A little bank holiday treat I’ve been hiding away for a rainy day!

Lucy and Rob have graced my pages before with photo’s from their wedding day, but after a competition from Doily Days Wedding Magazine and Mr and Mrs Unique, they were given the chance to pose for photography talent that is Binky Nixon.

We all pootled off to Brighton and Hove and nestled in a cosy and  colourful beach hut, decorated with flowers by Fearless Florals.
We nibbled raw chocolate hearts, and sipped cocktails from Lizzie at Wedding yurts (who hire Yurts for parties and events, and provide a fab cocktail service).
Lucy was also able to loan jewelry from Isobel Hind Couture, which had all of the girls squealing over the prettiness!

Lucy wrote a little more about her dress for the Mr and Mrs Unique Blog;

‘My dress was designed and created by Charlotte at Wilden Bride. When Rob and I got engaged, I threw myself into dress hunting with a vengeance, I tried on so many gowns, and our house was knee deep in wedding magazines. However I quickly became disheartened, nothing seemed very different or personal, I think I went a bit dress blind! Luckily I found Charlotte at Wilden Bride.’

‘We set up a meeting and discussed what I liked and what I felt comfortable in. Quickly the ideas started to flow, and we decided on a 1920’s style dress with a dropped waist and low cut back, from there Charlotte produced some beautiful sketches and a voile.”Originally I had wanted a vintage dress but found they were all much too tiny, luckily Granny let me raid her fabric box and I found some amazing antique lace nightgowns. Over the next few months Charlotte set to work, I’m sure that I drove her round the bend with a constant stream of ‘quick ideas’ but she was always very good at steering me back on course.’

‘The end result is a dress I will always treasure, it is so personal to me and I have the happy memories of the whole design process, which I just loved.’

And that just makes me very happy!

Photography by Binky Nixon and assistant Sally Forde

Stylist and coordinator, Erica at Mr and Mrs Unique

Jewelry, Isobel Hind Couture

Hair and Make Up, The Beauty Artist

Flowers, Fearless Florals

Beach Hut Venue, Vintage-Events

Champagne Cocktails & Raw Chocolate Hearts, Wedding Yurts

These images were also featured on Love My Dress Blog

We’re revisiting Christmas now, with some beautiful images by Nick Tucker Photography

Sarah planned her wedding for Mid December, which also became her deadline for her PHD thesis, crazy woman you ask? Yes indeed!
But not all good sense was missing from Sarah’s mind, as I discovered when she said she wanted a wintry, sparkling wedding, and a dress to match! - I like those sparkly ones!!
Sarah had in her mind that she wanted slim bodice, that was softly draped with a body con effect, and some densely beaded sparkly sleeves and a soft and flowing skirt.
There was a huge mixture of different cuts and shades of silver and white Swarovski crystals and pearls within the sleeves so that they would reflect off of each other and have a depth about them. There is a little drape in the sleeves, which gives the illusion that the sleeves are lightweight, and flowing, just as the rest of the dress. I made a narrow trim in matching crystals and pearls to follow the waist too.
The drape and skirts are made in porcelain french chiffon, which has a really beautiful sheer, matte texture to it, one of my favourites!

I also created a veil for Sarah in silk tulle, which had a mixture of tiny silver sequins hand embroidered around the edges with metallic silver thread. As it was mid-winter, I took a chance and I bought some snowflake shaped sequins too, and luckily Sarah really liked them!

Sarah and Tom’s wedding photographs are just magical, knowing what a cold day it was, they are just some warming and lovely!

I love Laura’s wedding photographs, her smile cannot hide her happiness on her wedding day!

I met Laura only 5 weeks before her wedding date, after receiving an emergency email when she was unable to find a dress for her wedding. She knew exactly what she wanted, and her ideas were exactly what I love to create.

Modern, vintage boho styles were mixed, with  a high round-neckline, and fresh, flowing chiffon skirt, coupled with the winding organic patterns of the vintage lace.
We were really lucky because Laura was able to use some vintage and antique family lace, some of which was an applique from her mothers wedding dress too. ( i say ‘we were lucky’, because it’s so interesting and exciting for me to see these treasures too!).
The floral lace vines climbed upwards from the hem, spilled from the waist onto the hips, and grew organiclly over the decollete. There were lots of different floral motifs, and once snipped into individual blossoms, and re-appliqued, a pretty lace garden was created.

Photography by Deborah Grace Panes

Hugh Farrow Films | Dotty Vintage Wedding Photo Shoot. from Hugh Farrow Films on Vimeo.

Hugh Farrow Films | Dotty Vintage Wedding Photo Shoot. from Hugh Farrow Films on Vimeo.

I just love the texture of this Super 8mm Film by Hugh Farrow Films, It was shot to promote a feature in the beautiful Dotty Vintage Wedding magazine, an online and print publication, found here …

Photography by Photography by Photography by Photography by Photography by

I have a little post-Valentines treat for you!

Sabrina fought the odds to find her dream dress after finding herself without anything to wear just 6 weeks before the big day.
I was only too pleased to help this pretty lady, as it’s just too upsetting for me to consider a bride without a dress!!
We chose a pretty and subtle blush colour, with matching lace with a rose design and a deep and delicate scalloped edging which was snipped up, and re-worked and appliqued to create a pretty waistline and sleeve edging. The neckline was also appliqued with individual lace roses.
Sabrina wanted a lot of movement in her tea-length skirt, but didn’t want to be too formal and flared with a net-petticoat. I recommended to use layers of crepe satin and satin chiffon circular skirts, which are eternally flattering on every woman. I added extra movement to the hem by stretching and wiring to create a pretty and softly frilled hem.

I loved Sabrina’s accessories too. She had originally chosen a cute fur capelet, but Sabrina and James were graced with a sunny late September day. Sabrina’s shoes were a slightly daring choice, which I loved! A chunky deep red, suede platform heel, I love a red shoe, and these were just delicious! The vintage floral head piece needs a special mention too!

Photography by Noel Deasington

Mr&Mrs Unique Promo from Skinny Boy Weddings on Vimeo.

Mr&Mrs Unique Promo from Skinny Boy Weddings on Vimeo.

Meet me, and many other amazing wedding vendors in this short video about Mr and Mrs Unique - a wedding directory for (yet more) seriously cool, and amazing wedding vendors.
As the name suggests, these vendors are pretty Unique - that’s a word that is thrown around quite a lot, but rest assured, these vendors have well and truly passed the test!!

The video was produced by Skinny Boy Weddings, a really sweet couple who create Wedding Videos, of the non-cheesy variety!!

Writing about Laura’s wedding dress has been really difficult, mostly because we had such a fab time designing and making Laura’s dress, that I’ve become very fond of this insanely sweet and chatty girl, and that has somehow made it hard! We had a real ‘journey’ together, along with Laura’s Mother Sara.
In fact, Laura and her Mum had a bit of a journey together before I came along even, trawling wedding dress shops, and never quite finding the one.
Laura is a Festival Bride, and a bride that blogs about being a Festival Bride on the award-winning blog, Festival Brides, along with co-founder and bridesmaid Kelly, so I think she found increased pressure to find a dress that was perfect for her day.
After showing me a range of inspirations of details that she wanted from her dress, we made a design pretty quickly, and that was that really! I just had to create it!
Every visit from Laura and Sara was so lovely, we could be so honest about our likes and dislikes, which is so important when you’re making or commissioning such a special item and so closely involved in creating it.
The original idea for Laura’s dress was that it would have a boned bodice with a floaty skirt, and that the blouson chiffon jacket could be removed for the evening of dancing, but I think that she loved it so much, she didn’t want to take it off!
We chose 2 different french lace designs, from which I painstakingly snipped each tiny flower, daisy and leafy vine and embroidered to the chiffon skirts in a pyramid design, front and back. A similar cascading design was embroidered to the epaulettes and back of the chiffon jacket, and the scalloped trim removed from the lace and applied to the edge of the jacket too. Finer strands of the lace vines were embroidered to the boned bodice of the dress to disguise the seam lines. The idea was that the vines would appear to grow organically from the waistline, not uniformed, but growing wild.
The waistband was made of matching lace, but instead, the two different lace designs were layered and pieced and collaged together, so that it was quite organic, but the effect was much more dense that the rest of the embroidery on the dress.
Laura had also dreamed of a Juliette Veil that would also be embroidered with vines of lace and daisies scattered down the edging, it is so beautiful, even if I say so myself. Laura wore her veil all day too, which made me very happy and satisfied that I’d doe a beautiful job! To highlight the lace design, Laura wanted to add some colour, but nothing too blingy. She wanted to use blue stones, and I recommended that we should use a range of blue crystal beads, from vibrant to light, and in different sizes too, so that look like little brush-strokes of crystals. Every single bead on Laura’s Dress and veil has been chosen and placed individually to create the right effect. (As fate would have it, Bob was left in charge of his own wedding outfit - and he chose blue all by himself!!)
To see Laura’s beaming smile in every single photograph is overwhelmingly lovely! I so enjoyed our visits, that I wish we could do it all over again!

My gorgeous MUA friend Sabrina was in attendance to over-see the make-up looks, check out her portfolio here

Cotton Candy Photographers Gem and Phil are the makers of the lovely images displayed here!

Never did I think I would be making this design for a real bride, so making this dress for Georgie was very exciting for me. It had started out as a whimsical design for a Mermaid photo shoot, (seen here). Georgie toyed between this style and a more typical lace 50’s tea dress for a while, and lucky for me Georgie’s sense of fun took over!!

Georgie was initially concerned that the style wouldn’t suit her body, and even though she is tall, slim and perfectly curved, I assured that regardless of shape and size, a bespoke dress is tailored to suit you, so most styles can be tailored to suit any figure.

One of he things I love about Georgie’s dress is that it is more reflective of my original vision of what the dress should be (compared to the ‘mermaid dress’, with a fun 1920’s drop-waist influence, that is not too obvious in it’s intentions of being a ‘vintage style’ dress. The colours however, are all Georgie’s own vision. Funnily, Georgie took inspiration from an album cover which had a digital kind of design on it, but I knew what she was saying.
Georgie hosted a festival wedding in Devon on a cliff-top for which she had made so many ridiculously amazing things in a rainbow of bright colours, but a scheme of fuschia and turquoise was highlighted by giant sequined letters spelling out the bride and grooms initials. These were the colours used on Georgie’s dress, using a matte gold sequin mesh backed with a golden green silk which reflected subtly through, and embroidering a scattering of different sized and shaped gold, green and turquoise sequins, (some with a petroleum effect), beads and Swarovski crystals to highlight the star-burst cut of the bodice which accentuates the waist. A motif of fuschia pink hand-made silk flowers, with embellished crystal centres, was attached to a simple silk ribbon belt, with the addition of gold lace leaves.
The tulle skirt layers needed to fade from the gold sequined bodice into the white hem so that contrast was not too harsh, so I cut golden layers too which where mixed under the white layers to create the blend, as well as a gold silk satin lining which would reflect through the tulle.

I made Georgie a headband too because she was struggling to find the perfect piece. She didn’t want it to ‘match’, so to tie in the colour of the dress I used a rouleaux of golden silk from the dress, and embroidered with pale golden pearls and clear swarovski crystals, as well as cutting floral shapes from several different laces and stitched them in a way to make them three dimentional, with golden lace leaves too.

I’m sure Georgie and her groom had an amazing day (I’ve seen the photo’s!!), and I only hope that the dress i made for her added to the fun of everything that she created too!

These incredible images were taken by Chris Parkes at Christophotographic

Grab yourself a (free!!) Ipad wedding magazine by Beyond Beyond! There might be a little something amongst the pages made by me, and orchestrated so beautifully by photographer Laura Babb.Click here High-res

Grab yourself a (free!!) Ipad wedding magazine by Beyond Beyond! There might be a little something amongst the pages made by me, and orchestrated so beautifully by photographer Laura Babb.

Click here

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